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Impact HR is passionate about your business’ people, performance and profitability. Our objective is to ensure that you are able to spend more time doing the things that you enjoy and your business needs because the people in their organisations have the right knowledge, skills, support and motivation to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Impact HR supports you with all your HR needs across your entire business. Those which pop up from time to time like hiring people and the ones which are always present like communication and paying people. Impact HR supports you with Hiring People, Paying People, Managing People, Developing People, Communicating with People and Protecting People.

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Paying People


The Impact HR Services

We can help with your HR needs


Adding a member to your team is an important step. Whether it is your first hire or an addition to an already large team, it is essential that you get it right. Bringing the wrong member into a team could undermine your business.

Before hiring anyone, you need to have a clear understanding of what it is you need them to do, the laws around discrimination when hiring and a plan in place for how to go about the recruitment process. But all this can seem daunting at first. At Impact HR, we aim to make the entire process easier for you and the potential new employees. After all, it should be the first day of a very exciting working relationship, shouldn’t it?


Most employers do an amazing job of navigating the confusing aray of information required to ensure their team are paid correctly. There are awards to interpret, super to apply, potentially tax to be taken out and in some cases workers compensation to pay. Not to mention the parental leave and other payments that may need to be considered. Many employers are surprised by the real “total cost of employment” and often under-estimate it at first.

Ensuring you pay people correctly is so important. Not only will it help you to attract the right people to your team but it will also ensure you avoid nasty surprises like government fines and/or backpay for unintentional mistakes.

Depending on the your business, paying people correctly may not have to be as complex as it first seems and there may be an easy and no-cost or low cost ways to make working with you more attractive.


For many SME owners and managers, the day-to-day requirements of running a business and delivering to all of your client’s demands means that the expectations on the team are significant. So how do you manage star performers and/or underperformance to ensure your team are productive and engaged in your business?

Poorly performing team members can zap the energy and enthusiasm from your star performers and even you. Not having the skills and confidence to address the issue and the persistence to continue the process of managing poor performance can result in your business never achieving what it is really capable of.

Don’t let this happen to your business. Vent all your frustrations to us so that when you go into a meeting with an under performer you can be calm, in control and get the results you need to move forward. Call us today and we can help with step by step advice. We know and understand what you are going through.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you need to let people go. We can help you and your team member through this process to ensure the process is legally compliant and everyone is treated fairly. We can help with the separation process from start to finish including outplacement services for staff who are moving on.


Protecting your team, yourself and your business might be the most important part of your job. Protecting people is about making sure the workplace, wherever that might be, is safe and free from hazards in all their forms. Protecting people might be really practical like the provision of Personal Protective Equipment to keep your team safe at work or it might be more holistic like providing a wellness program or access to an Employee Assistance Program. Whatever your business needs, we are able to provide you with tailored solutions to protect your team and save you time and money in the long term.  

Developing People


As a business owner, when you employ people you try to get the closest possible match in skills to our business requirements, but it is not always possible to hire for every skill or software experience needed in your business.

Impact HR can assist by ensuring your people have the right skills for their role, which will help you avoid costly and time consuming mistakes. As your business grows and changes, the skills of your team need to adjust to continue the success. We can help you plan for these changes too.

With our structured approach you can avoid the trap of paying for training that doesn’t achieve your goals and help you get real value for money by ensuring the courses your team attend are suitably matched to your team and business needs.



Communicating with People


As your business grows, your team needs to know and understand what you expect of them and why it is so important. For most of us, that means time thinking about how to communicate with our teams effectively so we don't waste time but still ensure that they have access to important information that they need to make everything happen smoothly.

For some of us, effective communication is a gift. For others, our talents lie elsewhere and we need assistance to ensure that people hear and understand what we really need them to hear.

We can craft your words so that your real intention is clear and that things don’t get lost in translation. With our Do It Yourself model, we have a package of well-researched and industry-tested documents and templates to assist your communications requirements.

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