Monica Bakich


Q&A With HR Expert Monica Bakich

2 March 2021

This month we profile Monica Bakich, who recently joined our growing business as a Senior HR Consultant. Monica has been working in HR for more than 15 years and her experience spans the fields of education, information technology and government. With a degree in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations and an MBA, Monica’s experience includes working with organisations to develop and implement effective and efficient processes and policies in the areas of organisational redesign, change management, HR budget management, recruitment, on-boarding, and people performance.

In this Q&A session, Monica tells us about her achievements and what she feels is most essential when it comes to helping small to medium businesses with their HR needs.

Q: What’s your professional background?
Over the last 15 years I have worked in various Human Resources roles for a variety of organisations including HP, FACS, TAFE NSW and the University of Notre Dame, where I was responsible for the implementation of HR policies and procedures, HR budget, organisational redesign, recruitment, and strategic HR management.

Q: What brought you to join Impact HR?
The opportunity to work with clients from various industry sectors and help them with all things HR. People are the one of the most important assets a company can have and I have a passion for helping people develop and grow in their roles.

Q: What’s your biggest career achievement?
In one of my roles I was responsible for establishing the HR function in Sydney. Unfortunately, the systems and processes already in place were very manual and out of date, which made it time consuming and frustrating for employees and staff. I decided to create, develop, and implement all of the HR policies and processes, which led to more efficient and effective ways of doing things.

Q: What makes you passionate about your job?
I love being the trusted advisor and resource for helping clients navigate through all things HR. I also love the variety of work and learning something new every day!

Q: In your opinion, what’s the most important thing when improving your client’s team performance? 
I love that as an HR Consultant I get to interact with a variety of people in different industries. Every interaction is a learning opportunity. One of the many things I love about HR is that it is constantly growing and changing, from new laws and legislation, to technology advancements and meeting employee expectations.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the most important thing when improving your client’s team performance?
Removing and resolving any issues and problems that the client may be experiencing so they can focus on growing and developing their team’s performance. Being that trusted advisor to the client and providing them with the resources they need to support their teams.

Lastly, establishing and clearly defining what success looks like as a team, and as a company, is critical. When members of a team know what is expected of them they feel empowered and motivated, and are more likely to perform to their full potential.

Interested in talking to Monica about your HR management needs? Leave her a message on our Contact Us page and she will get back to you.

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