Managing your People’s Performance

Got an issue with one of your team that needs addressing immediately? Don’t put it off. We know it can be unpleasant, but it is necessary for your business success and your state of mind.

Managing Your People’s Performance

Take advantage of our Managing your People’s Performance package and start getting things back on track for someone who is slipping. Your shining stars will also benefit as they will be better able to plan for what’s coming next in their work and deliver even better results.

This Package is designed to make improving performance easier and includes:

    • A Performance Management policy
    • A Performance Management procedure
    • Suggestions for having those challenging conversations
    • A behavioural standards guide
    • A Performance Management form
    • Information on legislation relating to managing poor performance
    • And more

Managing Performance

Call us and we will get this package out to you so you can get back in control of your business.


It takes HR professionals years of study to ensure we provide the right advice. These documents are generic and here to help, but may need to be tailored to your business and the award under which your business operates. If you are not sure what this means to you, please call and discuss this with one of our team.