Letting People Go

You’ve made the difficult decision that you need to let one of your team members go. Perhaps it is a redundancy, perhaps it is a performance issue; but they are no longer right for the business and need to leave.

Letting People Go

This Package is designed to make one of the most difficult management decision easier and includes:

    • A Separation Checklist
    • A Certificate of Service
    • What is a Redundancy?
    • Suggestions for the Challenging Conversations
    • Information on Legislation Relating to Termination of Employment
    • And More!

Get your team ready for their role and adding more value to your business using this simple and cost effective package.

letting people go

Call us and we will get this package out to you so you can get move forward.


It takes HR professionals years of study to ensure we provide the right advice. These documents are generic and here to help, but may need to be tailored to your business and the award under which your business operates. If you are not sure what this means to you, please call and discuss this with one of our team.