Developing People

You know that someone on the team doesn’t have the skills to do the job. Perhaps the role has changed, perhaps they oversold their skills in the interview process but now you need them to deliver what is required in their position. Training is what you need to invest in.

Developing People

Remember that there are lots of things to consider before you chose the right rate and any penalties, allowances or loadings you may need to apply. If you need extra help please call us and we can provide advice and point you in the right direction.

This Package is designed to make the process easier for you and includes:

    • A learning and development policy
    • A learning and development procedure
    • Suggestions for arranging new starter orientation
    • A training request form
    • Information on establishing or accessing external training programmes to meet some of the standard compliance needs

Get your team ready for their role and adding more value to your business using this simple and cost effective package.

developing people

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It takes HR professionals years of study to ensure we provide the right advice. These documents are generic and here to help, but may need to be tailored to your business and the award under which your business operates. If you are not sure what this means to you, please call and discuss this with one of our team.