Paying People

    • Do you really know how much it costs you to employ someone in your business?
    • What are the hidden costs so you aren’t caught out?
    • Are you confident that your team are on the right award and paid at the right level?
    • If they are on an award, do you know what the penalty rates are and when to apply them?
    • If my team don’t work overtime are they still entitled to leave loading?

paying people

Paying People

Most employers do an amazing job of navigating the confusing array of information required to ensure their team are paid correctly. There are awards to interpret, super to apply, potentially tax to be taken out and in some cases workers compensation to pay. Not to mention parental leave and other payments that may need to be considered.

That’s why many employers are surprised by the real “total cost of employment” and often under-estimate it at first.

Ensuring you pay people correctly is so important. Not only will it help you to attract the right people to your team but it will also ensure you avoid nasty surprises like government fines and / or backpay for unintentional mistakes.

Depending on the your business, paying people correctly may not have to be as complex as it first seems and there may be easy and no-cost or low cost ways to make working with you more attractive.

It’s time to have this all made simple! Get specific advice for you and your business that makes sense
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