Do it for You

As a business owner or manager IMPACT HR knows that you have a busy, challenging role and your team are an important part of your success. But that shouldn’t mean that your role is consumed by doing the people “stuff” that adds little value to the business. Your team should enable the business flourish and not eat into the precious hours of the day.

Unfortunately, in many businesses the manager is expected to wear many hats and be experts in many fields, including what it has taken HR professionals years of training and experience to become proficient in. In addition, you are expected to keep up to date with constantly changing legislation.

do it for you

When you are running a successful business how do can you do that easily?

This is where Impact HR can help. We can become your outsourced HR department. Instantly and easily you have the resources you need without the costs and headaches associated with employing someone fulltime.

Consider the costs associated with engaging a HR Manager inhouse.

    • Salary ($100,000)
    • Annual Leave (7%)
    • Personal Leave (3.5%)
    • Superannuation (9.25%)
    • Payroll Tax (4.25%)
    • Long Service Leave (2.5%)
    • Public Holidays (4%)
    • Potential Fringe Benefits and other perks


And then compare that to working with Impact HR, giving you the confidence and peace of mind to focus on the other aspects of running your business

Our outsourced HR manager package gives you access to a senior HR specialist to implement the HR programmes decided in an initial HR workshop or as a result of a HR Audit. As a bonus you’ll also get

    • 50% discount on Salary Surveys for administration, finance and sales positions
    • 50% discount on Impact HR’s document packages, including recruitment & selection, performance management, compliance checklists
    • Corporate branding of all documents
    • A 3 and 6 month strategic review

Take the headaches out of having a team of business in your business. Call us today.