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Best Websites for Job Posting in Australia

One of Australia’s most popular jobs websites, SEEK, has recently confirmed that the Australian employment market ended 2017 on a high with new online job ads up 15% year on year. According to the Australian Department of Employment, New South Wales has been the largest employing state of Australia during 2017, employing over 3.8 million workers.

These stats clearly show that not only work opportunities but also online job ads are on the rise all over the country. When you have a small business, deciding where and how to advertise your job openings can be daunting. 

To help with your recruiting process, we have put together a list of websites to advertise jobs in Australia – most of them are free to use. We have divided them by type of job search – whether you want to reach people all over Australia or whether you’re looking to hire someone in a specific region or industry, there’s something for you.

Australia-wide Jobs   


Adzuna is a search engine for job ads. Once your ad is added to their database, Adzuna’s search algorithm will give possible candidates the best-matching job opportunities based their salary expectations and professional profiles. This means a higher possibility of finding the right match straight away. Visit the website at www.adzuna.com.au


A major Australian job website, on CareerOne you can post and search jobs by location, category, company and popularity. In this way, you can set guidelines and filters to your job ad right from the beginning. Visit the website at www.careerone.com.au


According to their website, Indeed is the world’s #1 job site and more people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else. Indeed allows you to post jobs for free with the option to pay a small amount and boost the visibility of your ad. Visit the website at au.indeed.com


The world’s largest professional social media network with over 300 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is a must-have to access the online job market. Creating a LinkedIn profile for yourself and your business will allow you to evaluate the skills of possible candidates easily and connect to them without any middleman. Visit the website at www.linkedin.com/job/home


According to their website, SEEK is Australia’s number one jobs site, spanning 16 countries and offering over 4 million job opportunities a year. Whether you need to advertise a job in hospitality, sales or retail, you’ll be sure to have a high visibility in here. Visit the website at seek.com.au

Specific Industry Jobs  


Australia’s leading portal for professionals working within the arts industry. This is the go-to website if you’re looking to hire someone or find professionals in the creative arts field – whether it’s visual arts, architecture or design. Visit the website at www.artshub.com.au/jobs

Careers in Recruitment

Have a recruiting business and need to expand your team? Careers in Recruitment is the dedicated website for advertising and finding jobs in this sector. Visit the website at careersinrecruitment.com

Ethical Jobs

This website focuses on community, environmental, not-for-profit and social work jobs in Australia’s main cities. Whether you have a not-for-profit or community business, use this website to meet candidates willing to make a positive impact on the society. Visit the website at www.ethicaljobs.com.au


Need to hire staff but only for few days per week? OneShift specialises in part-time and casual jobs as well as one-off shifts, connecting small and medium-size businesses with job seekers. Visit the website at au.oneshiftjobs.com

Salon Staff

Started back in 2006 by the owner of a beauty salon, Salon Staff is now Australia’s #1 website for advertising jobs in the hair and beauty industry. Visit the website at www.salonstaff.com.au


Established in 1996, Sportspeople was the first agency in Australia to offer a specialised sport recruitment service. Use SportsPeople if you’re looking to recruit within the sport, fitness and aquatic sector. Visit the website at www.sportspeople.com.au

Local Jobs   


Gumtree is famous for being a local buy and sell platform but it also has a very strong job board. Use Gumtree to advertise jobs within your local community and reach people leaving nearby. Visit the website at gumtree.com.au/jobs

Impact HR Job Board

Did you know we have our own job board? Check out Impact HR’s ‘Join Our Clients’ page to see what kind of jobs we’re advertising at the moment. Our focus is on the Northern Beaches and Sydney – if you’re struggling with recruiting new people, we can help.

Local Facebook Groups

Social Media channels are also a great way to post and share job ads. If you’re looking to advertise jobs within a specific area or community, make sure you join the local Job Boards and Facebook groups and stay up-to-date with what’s happening locally.

Personal Connections

Last but not least, don’t forget to use your personal connections and work network to look for possible candidates. Sometimes a colleague’s or friend’s recommendation is the best way to find a new team member.

Are you a small business needing help with recruitment?

Let us take the stress out of managing the employment process while you focus on your business needs. We will take care of the whole process – from writing the job description to scheduling interviews and choosing the best candidate for the role. Simply send us an email or give us a call on 02 9907 6837 for an initial free consultation.

Foundations Not Fluff

The start of each year is a time for many of us to set New Year’s Resolutions for ourselves and our businesses. We are ready and willing to do what it takes to create a better us or company. But as the weeks creep by, things might slip and suddenly we are back in our old patterns again.

Well there is always next year, right?

When it comes to HR foundations, business owners really can’t afford to push them off into the future with a “one day I’ll get around to it.” Described by some as boring or too hard, these three little things will give you compliance and peace of mind.

Keeping a record of your employee’s details will help you avoid huge penalties.

1. Record Keeping

You probably didn’t even notice as the Federal Government changed the laws to protect vulnerable workers in 2017. “No big deal, it didn’t really apply to my business” is what I hear regularly from clients. But that is only the case if there are no issues. If there is an issue and you haven’t kept the required records for 7 years (including time, wages, leave, etc.) the penalty is now a whopping 100% more. For many of us, there is now technology to assist with the boring aspects of this process, but so that you can sleep peacefully at night, know what information you need to store and start doing it consistently.

2. Refresh People’s Memory on Important Policies

Many of us have ticked the boxes to have a WH&S Policy or a Bullying Policy in place. As I’ve been meeting with my clients’ team members recently, I’ve asked the simple question “What does your Bullying Policy say?” – try and pick the response I get most regularly from this list below:
A) I know it off by heart, go ahead and quiz me
B) Oh, I don’t know. Something like…
C) What? Do we have one of those? Where is it?
That’s right. C is the clear winner.

Don’t be complacent and think that a document stored on a server is enough. Getting your team up to speed on your policies doesn’t have to be hard. Send them to the team to re-read, turn them into a quiz competition with small prizes for people who answer them correctly, put them up on your noticeboard, go through them briefly in team meetings, if you can afford it buy some online training or speak to your insurance provider and see if they can provide it for free. All simple ways to make sure your team know what the policies are and how to comply with them.
Not doing this will limit your ability to performance manage poor behaviour or even terminate employment for non-compliance and that can cost you more than providing training.

Set expectations between yourself and your employees will help your business success.

3. Confirm What You Expect of People in their Roles

At the start of the New Year, we often hear business owners and managers saying “I’m going to have that difficult conversation that I put off at the end of last year” or “This year I’ll be tougher on people delivering to my expectations”.
As we are starting February, now is the time to take a hard look and see whether that has resulted in the change needed and wanted?
No one enjoys managing poor performance, so let’s put that aside just for the moment. Let’s have a conversation about what you need from the person in this position in your business and why. What behaviours would you like to see, what actions and tasks would you like them to do? You might ask them what the problems are with completing the tasks if they are struggling? Your position description should guide you through this conversation and the person in the position should be crystal clear about what you want from them going forward.

This might seem basic but once everyone is on the same level you will have the ability to manage performance more easily and because you started things in this way, it won’t be so challenging in the future. Our blog post about creating high performing teams will help. Not tackling the poor performance of your business can cost you clients, money and your best team members who can easily find work elsewhere.

So, with the knowledge that we are one month into 2018 already, it is time to dust off those HR resolutions and recommit. This could be your best year ever, but we need to get the foundations in place.

Impact HR can assist you to create the solid HR foundations required to make your business compliant and achieve the goals you have for 2018. Call us for an obligation free discussion on 0410 605 936.

Workforce Planning for SMEs

The truth is that if I slip into using “Corporate Talk” of workforce planning with some of my clients, they break into a cold sweat and think I’m about to make managing a team really hard. The reality is very different. Workforce Planning doesn’t have to be hard.

It is just as important in a smaller business as in a big business – possibly even more important. In a big business, you always have someone to cover a role and more than one person with the skills, but in an SME life isn’t always like that. So before your heart starts to pound and you feel queasy, let me explain what I mean by Workforce Planning.

In simple terms, it means ensuring you have the right people, with the right skills in your business to deliver your business plan or goals.

Most of us don’t deliver everything in our business ourselves, we employ a team to make it possible. Workforce Planning is about making sure you have the right combination of team and technology to achieve your goals and should take into account some or all of the following things:

Current and Future Workloads
An honest picture of what is happening in your business is essential to a workforce plan.

Market & Technology Changes
Is there new technology change that will fundamentally affect how your business operates? Are there new products or competitors that you will need to adjust your business to compensate for?

Team Performance & Skills
Who are your employees (age, salary, skills) and what do you need in your business? Do you have what you need to be successful? Do your employees like working with you and how many employees leave your business in a year

Client Expectations
Are your clients or their expectations changing? What do you need to do to ensure the clients are satisfied with your work?

Once we have the answers to these questions we can start planning so your business is always ahead of the competition, with the right number of skilled people to have your clients singing your praises. This process will make sure that the focus is where it needs to be instead of playing catch-up after something has gone wrong.

The start of a new year can be a strange time in an SME. For some, it is the busiest time of year and for others, it is slow as we wait for people to make decisions in the post- Christmas lull. Regardless of what it is like for your business, it is a great opportunity to look with fresh eyes at what positions and skills are needed in your business for it to thrive.

If you would like help to Workforce Plan for your business call us now, or send us an email. We would love to support you through this important process.

Q&A With HR Expert Kerry Downes

We’re excited to announce that the Impact HR team is expanding. We welcome Kerry Downes — she’s a Senior HR Expert who has over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources working for a variety of companies in hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing retailing and distribution.

In this Q&A, she tells us about her career highlights and what she thinks is the most important thing when it comes to achieving a great team performance.

Q: What’s your professional background?
I have worked in Senior Human Resources roles for a variety of companies including International Game Technology (IGT), Brightpoint where I oversaw the HR Function in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai and India, Global Food Equipment where we relocated manufacturing, call centre, finance and spare parts to the Philippines and most recently National Human Resources for Radio Rentals – which counts 90 stores across Australia, 550 team members and an HR Team of 8.

Q: What brought you to join Impact HR?
I have a passion for wanting people to succeed – no business can operate without people. I strongly believe that people who feel valued will always achieve more than expected.

Q: What’s your biggest career achievement?
I have had many achievements throughout my career including winning awards like Hewitt’s Best Employer and AHRI Award for Excellence in People Management, however, my career highlight is taking a dysfunctional HR Team and transforming them into a high performing team


Q: What makes you passionate about your job?
It’s always the people! I believe everyone comes to work to do the very best they can – it is our job as leaders to ensure we create an environment for them to be able to excel.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the most important thing when improving your client’s team performance? 
Always my first question is when we are talking teams… Do you know what motivates them?  You would be surprised at how many times I hear “No”.

Interested in talking to Kerry about your team? Leave her a message on our Contact Us page and she will get back to you.

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